Monday, November 15, 2010

Florida, Memories, and Recent Happiness

I took a trip to Florida with my sweet Grandma and Aunt Marylou so Grandma could visit her brother who lives in Venice.  They're both in their eighties, and Grandma's memory is deteriorating so fast that it seemed like now was the time to go.
I was really proud of how well Grandma did traveling, considering her mental state and the fact that she hasn't flown since like, '84.  We made it through security without too much confusion, thank the Lord.
It was nice to get away for a while, even though it wasn't exactly *vacation.*  I really enjoyed spending time with Grandma & my Aunt, making memories that at least two of us will remember. :-)  
Hanging out at Uncle Mosie's and listening to his stories was a trip...  and my Aunt Viola is my new heroine.

Grandma didn't always recognize her brother or remember who he was for more than five minutes at a time, and that was hard.  But there were moments when Uncle Mosie would tell a story she remembered and her face would light up in recognition and she'd add her two cents to the story.  She'd say "NOW you look like my brother!  I didn't think you did before, but now I know who you are!"

It's hard to see Grandma so confused, but I decided long ago when Grandpa Yoder was failing that you've just got to laugh at the funny things they say or you'll spend all your time crying.  So Aunt Marylou and I answered her 500,000 questions a day about where we were,how we got there, who everyone was, when we were going home, and where she put her purse, over and over and over, and we just laughed at the funny moments.  ...there is a blessing in showing love and patience to someone who for so many years poured out all her love on us as her family.  I love my Grandma so much, and while I miss who she used to be, and the days when she knew my name, I love her for who she is now as well.  She still has her sense of humor though, and we laughed till we cried more than once that week. :-)   

This week is the second anniversary of Art Dagg's death, and he is still greatly missed and loved by those of us who knew him.  I can't believe it's been two years.

I wasn't prepared for was how hard it would be for me to go back to SW Florida again especially at this time of year.  So many familiar places, so many memories.  I had myself a good cry.  Another chance for me to offer up a part of me that hurts into God's healing hands.  Art Dagg remains one of the biggest influences on my life in the past 7 years and I am so grateful for the opportunity God gave me to be a part of his family. 
I am in awe of how God brings people in and out of my life according to His purposes. ...and while I don't always like what He's doing, I have no choice but to raise my hands in praise and say "God, I agree with what You are doing because I know it's the Best Thing, even though it doesn't feel like it."  God is sovereign!

I'm settled back in at home now and trying to catch up on all my work.  Got the combine washed up and put away last week, and ready to attack the bookwork this week in between my cleaning and baking jobs.  I WILL CONQUER my giant stack of paperwork!  I WILL!

Recent Happiness::

* Norah Jones
* My nieces
* The end of a safe harvest
* Warm, gorgeous days in November!
* Bucks win!
* SHOTGUN SEASON is coming!!  ...and I saw a nice buck the other night. Oh yeah. :-)
* God's provision
* God's continued forgiveness of my sins and His grace upon my life.  Thank you, Lord!